Thursday, August 11, 2005


In total more than 550 children joined the club practicing many cultural, sports and artistic activities.

In 1996 there was a computer lab opened to serve the children

In 1996 the Administration of the Palestinian Child Home Club decided to open a library with hundred books

Since 1996, the club has organized a number of summer camps.

The Palestinian Child Home Club provides activities for the children of Hebron. During 2005 this centre is offering a variety of activities:

1) Music: children come to the centre to participate in and learn traditional Palestinian singing and dancing, thus reconnecting them with their rich cultural heritage; we have a theatre that we use for these kinds of activities. Every Thursday and Friday during the school term the children have used this theatre for singing and dancing. In 2005 they have participated in important celebrations like in organization red crescent.

2) Sports: university student volunteers lead sports activities such as: basketball, volleyball, and ping-pong. The center has a ping–pong table and every Thursday the children have training with professional volunteers.

3) Modern languages: native speakers of English and Spanish volunteer at the centre to provide teaching in these languages. This year there is an English course for youth. Young people have the opportunity to learn English with a native speaker. Every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday there is an Arabic course for youth who need help in Arabic. There is a teacher that organizes this course.
In this year the club contacted with a circus to do a workshop with children in the centre. It is the first time that the children can see a circus.

This year there are a three different summer camps: where they can learn Handball, do different plays and play folklore music.