Thursday, August 11, 2005


The Palestinian Child’s Home Club is a non-profit non-governmental institution that was established in 1996 in Hebron (area H1).
Since 1967, Hebron has been occupied and controlled by the state of Israel. But in 1997, Hebron has been divided into two parts – HI and H2 – according to Hebron Protocol signed between Palestinians and Israelis. H1 area constitutes 80% of the city and is under full Palestinian Authority control. H2, the remaining 20% of the city, continues to be under Israeli military control. The whole city of Hebron, though, lives under the consequences of the Israeli occupation and control.

In Hebron City there are 200 schools and 60 special schools. In the Old City there are 13 schools, 10 Primary schools and 3 kinder gardens but the Israeli occupation doesn’t allow them to develop basics rights and function in an organized manner.

The right to education constitutes one of the most widely respected and important child rights. The children are the future in our world. Palestinian Children are living under the consequences of occupation. The occupation poses a grave danger to their health development and their prospects for a brighter future.

Palestinian Child’s Home Club has experienced a lot of pressures from the society of Hebron and the occupation. In total more than 550 children joined the club practicing many cultural, sport and artistic activities.

In 1996 there was a computer lab opened to serve the children and to enhance their computational skills, but the equipment is now outdated and there is a need to find resources to renew it. It is well known that information technology permeates every area of life and is becoming the essential resource in personal and community development. This fact emphasizes the urgent need for the new generation to explore this new technology.

The Administration of the Palestine Child Home Club recognizes that children must be given the tools and resources to further their education and thus contribute to the positive development of their societies. For this reason, the Club wishes to enlarge and modernize its existing moderate computer room so as to provide the children who use the centre with the required hardware and necessary computer programs including Internet software.

In 1996 the Administration of the Palestinian Child Home Club decided to open a library to offer children the possibility to come and read new and interesting books. The center is open to receiving books from others countries in order to enlarge the library.

The first activity the Administration of the Club decided to do is a music group for children. They have been offering music activities for children using their full set of instruments, and the group often performs in public

Since 1996, the club has organized a number of summer camps under the theme of ‘al-Quds (Jerusalem) belongs to us. But the Israeli occupation makes implementation of the summer camps difficult because the Palestinian children are forbidden to move freely in Palestine and Israel. This center works towards a culture of peace and respect for humans' rights, but it is not always possible because the Israeli occupation doesn’t let them develop their basic needs.

Since 1996 the Club has been receiving volunteers from Europe, but only since 2004 has the Palestinian Child Home Club had participated in the European Voluntary Service Program.

Nowadays, Palestine Child Club offers activities for 50 children during the school term, but in the summer more children participate. Every year we prepare two summer camps in the month of July and August. In the first summer camp a French NGO called FSGT with experience in organising sports activities co-operates with the Club.