Thursday, August 11, 2005


The Palestinian Child Home mission is to provide educational opportunities, sites for cultural activities, and community development resources. Respect the Islam culture and to face the consequences of Israeli occupation.


The goal of the Palestinian Child Home club is to offer a space for children where they can go to develop their personal and educational skills through different activities and to give opportunities to children as a symbol of the fact that they are the present and hope for the future.
The objectives are based on the International Declaration of Child’s Rights and the preservation of Islamic culture.

The general objectives of Palestinian Child Home Club are:
1. To attend to the needs of children through the different activities
2. To offer children a space where they can develop sports, cultural and artistic
3 To prepare spaces for children where they can play and learn the social rules and different values.
4. To encourage children to practice voluntary activities as well as youth exchanges.
5. To develop children’s talents, and to try to connect it with their Palestinian heritage so as to
enhance their future with confidence and honor.
6. To establish and develop facilities such as: gardens, parks, libraries, swimming pools and playing courtyards, and to use these facilities with activities to achieve the pursued objectives.
7. To focus on the child’s abilities, to broaden his/her mental-powers using modern techniques through different activities, based on different resources and publications, and the participation of members of the organization in symposiums, lectures and other activities.
8. To strengthen the child’s relationship with family, society and territory.