Thursday, August 11, 2005


It is important to know that in this center there are 13 founding members which decided to create a center where children can have space to develop their skills.

The Club’s Administration consists of an elected administrative body of 13 members. Every two years there are elections to elect a new president. There are two everyday responsible people in charge of the well-functioning of the center.

In the centre there are different departments with different objectives.

1) Public Relations and Information Department: The department of public relations informs the both local and international publics of the mission, objectives and activities of the organization.

2) Department of Programs and Development: This department aims at developing the child’s skills and discovering his/her talents through cultural, artistic and social activities.

3) Department of Arts: This department works at encouraging the various artistic skills of the children through courses, symposiums, workshops and study sessions. The department is
working on preparing choirs and forming committees for exhibitions, competitions
and contests.

4) Department of Health and Enviroment: The main objective of this department is to teach the children and their families how to avoid the hazards of pollution and contamination, and

5) Department of Scouts: This department aims at educating children to have initiative in serving the community. The department is equipped with scout uniforms and equipment that are
distributed to children during camping weeks.

6) Department of expression: This department works on encouraging the various performance arts through courses, workshops and symposiums with the purpose of forming and preparing musical and theatrical acts derived from Palestinian folklore.

7) Department of Sports: The sports department is formed of different sports teams including:
soccer, volleyball, skating, swimming and bicycling teams. The teams participate in tournaments abroad. Instructors have been sent to Arab and foreign states to enhance mutual understanding and to acquire new skills.