Thursday, August 11, 2005


PALESTINIAN CHILD HOME CLUB is an independent non-governmental organization for CHILDREN based in Hebron.
The Palestinian Child’s Home Club was established in 1996 to build a promising future for our children in the city of Hebron as its main objective.

Hebron is a special case in the Palestinian Israeli conflict. Since 1967, it has been occupied and controlled by the state of Israel and there are settlers inside the old city.
Hebron has been divided into two parts – HI and H2 – according to Hebron Protocol signed between Palestinians and Israelis in 1997. H1 area constitutes 80% of the city and is under full Palestinian Authority control. H2, the remaining 20% of the city, continues to be under Israeli military control.

Palestinian Child’s Home Club wants PEACE but it is not easy to educate under Israeli occupation. As a result of the Israeli occupation Palestinian children have been denied educational opportunities, sites for cultural activities, and community development resources.

The centre is working to help Palestinians connect with the past while enjoying the present and trying to create a brighter future. We, work to make the principles of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child a reality, while at the same time, respecting the Islam culture.

Palestinian Child Home Club is a unique centre in this area of Hebron that offers activities for children between 6 to 16 years outside school. This centre has contact with others center in Hebron and we try to co-operate together to guarantee a better future for the children.

The centre is divided in two sides: a theatre and the centre which has different rooms: a library, a music room, a PC room and a multi-purpose room.

Palestinian Child Home Club also has a small field to play basketball, volleyball and football outside the center and a little garden which is taken care by the children. In the summer they can enjoy doing activities outside.

The centre shares the space with a group of theatre, which helds drama trainings for kids and plays drama for adults.

The founders of this centre prepare different activities for the children: summer camps in Hebron, summer camps in French, they try to contact with organization outside Palestinian to explain the situation of the children in Palestine and try to give hope to this children.

In total, more than 550 children joined the club practicing many cultural, sports and artistic activities.

Palestinian Child Home Club also contacts other organizations and donors to do activities in the centre.